Friday, May 11, 2007

Ira Winkler on Google Hacking

The noted security expert and author, Ira Winkler, was interviewed this week by SearchSecurity's Bill Brenner about Google hacking.

Winkler didn't say it wasn't a problem. But he was amazed at some of the recent hoopla over Google hacking, as if it were a newly found exploit. He compared it to other recent press about Microsoft Office macro exploits. These, too, he said, have been known for a decade.

Winkler said it reflected the state of the information security today. He also said part of the problem was the influx of new people into the industry without any history of prior exploits.

I have a signed copy of Winkler's book, Spies Among Us, from a signing he did at RSA last year.

And, by the way, the king of Google hacking, Johnny Long, has a great web site with a database of Google exploits. Long also has a book on the subject, Google Hacking for Penetration Testers. His book remains the Bible and ultimate reference on Google hacking.


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