Thursday, May 03, 2007

Recent Stuff on Endpoint Security

Prof. Mich Kabay in his regular column in Network Security had some interesting statistics about enforcing security policies for workstations.

Last month, Network World had a review of Network Access Control (NAC) tools, a related area. And, then, recently a new book, Endpoint Security by Mark Kadrich, came out on the subject.
Endpoint security and NAC has been a hot topic since workstations are now seen as the weakest link in many company's IT security. Even with firewalls, the right application attack can sail right through, land on a desktop and wreak havoc.


Anonymous Securityphreak said...

Some more Endpoint security news: There's a new Endpoint security freeware tool that was released by GFI.

The tool checks what devices are or have been connected to computers on a network and by whom. It's basically a diagnostic tool that tells you where on your network the use of portable storage devices could pose a risk.

The tool is called Endpointscan:

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