Monday, October 29, 2007

Businesses Are Biggest Source For ID Thieves

According to a study cited last week in Baseline magazine, businesses are the biggest source of identities for ID thieves.

The conventional wisdom is that most identity theft is from stolen wallets and credit cards. But, not entirely, the study says. Identity thieves prefer to filch data and information with names, addresses, birth days and social security numbers from businesses.

So, much for dumpster diving in the parking lot. They're now doing it in the front office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading a book by Ira Winkler called, "Spies Among Us". He mentions how easy it is to find simple things that tell you a lot. Plane tickets can tell you that executives were in a competitors or potential suitors city recently, multiple times. Post-it notes with passwords. It goes on and on and it's easy to get.

Good read so far and an eye opener...

9:46 PM  

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