Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn 2600 Hits Newstands

I picked up the Fall issue today of the hacker quarterly, 2600, at a local Barnes and Noble. I always look forward to picking it up on the newstand, and it was two weeks early this time.

Anyways, as always, there was some interesting stuff in there. This issue included interesting articles about hacking two popular web sites, MySpace and Flickr.

There was a piece about hacking Pep Boys terminals. They've had several articles in past issues about similar vulnerabilities at other retailers, which shows how security at public terminals and kiosks in these places could be upgraded a bit.

There was also the usual story about getting free wireless, and then something really thought provoking about identity theft. They provided some suggestions about altering your address information slightly to throw off identity thieves, and some other ideas on how to avoid giving your social security number out. The article offered what could be offered in lieu of providing an SSN to a service provider requesting it.

2600 is always a good read, and this issue was no different. I highly recommend picking it up.


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