Friday, October 27, 2006

Aladdin -- A Company to Watch

Every time I go to a trade show with information security products, I'm overwhelmed by the number of companies all selling the same thing. Everybody claims to be a firewall -- application or otherwise -- an authentication product, an IDS, an encryption tool. Everybody wants to be a one-stop shop, but few achieve it. Most are good at one or two things. Few are outstanding in everything.

With the wave of consolidating continuing this year, I'm sure half the companies at these shows will disappear, swallowed up by larger companies.

One company that's interesting is Aladdin. They were at Information Security Decisions this month in Chicago and at RSA 2006 in San Jose earlier this year.

At RSA, they debuted an interesting biometric product scheduled for release in 2007 that builds an electrophysiological profile of someone. There are details in an article I wrote after RSA for SearchSecurity.

Two of their products of note include eSafe, which is a suite of tools for protection against web attacks, including content security, web browsing security, anti-spyware and spam and e-mail management.

The other product, eToken, is their two-factor authentication suite. It includes token and Smart Card products that interface with PKI, VPNs and Windows network logons.


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