Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Ankit Fadia Book and Hacker Disassembling

I saw a copy this week of Ankit Fadia's new book, Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection, at Borders and picked it up.

As is the case with Fadia's two previous books, they're basic introductions to hacking and computer security. Both of his two previous books have come out in second edition: The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking and Network Security: A Hacker's Perspective.

Another book on reverse engineering code, Hacker Disassembling, also just came out in its second edition.
The book goes into detail about using debuggers and other tools for decompiling code. It has some new sections on Linux and a CD.


Blogger Manu said...

Hey IT Security Guy,

Its me, Manu Zacharia, Co-Author Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hackers Guide to Intrusion Detection Systems.

Yes as you said, its a beginners book. And you have a nice informative blog. Good Work.

Manu Zacharia

12:50 AM  
Blogger hac_king said...

Ankit fadia, just a hyped person.
and see the truth ..

5:30 AM  

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