Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thoughts on Google Security

The IT Security web site had an interesting post last month about Google security.

There was also a comparison of Google and Microsoft security in a slide show comparing the two companies on eWeek.

There were two other articles in eWeek, one about people clicking on anything, including an ad that claims to infect their PCs with a virus, and Google's response. The article reports on a study from Google about the dangers of drive-by downloads of malicious code planted on seemingly innocuous web sites.

This really isn't news and has been a growing problem recently. But the Google study goes into quite a bit of depth and is pretty comprehensive.The story was also reported in Techworld.

This is just some food for thought as Google grows into new areas and faces new security challenges and issues. Some of these, to be sure, weren't expected when the company started out solely as a search engine.


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