Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Privacy International Slams Google and Others

In its 2007 Interim Rankings, Privacy International gave Google a "Hostile to Privacy" ranking.

The six-page report wasn't particularly favorable to most large Internet service companies, giving only a handful the ranking of "Generally Privacy Aware." Even this ranking would be considered a "B," since no one got the highly coveted "Privacy-Friendly" ranking, the "A" on their report card.

The report cited Google for collecting sensitive data about customer's searches, storing the data for up to 24 months, having a deceptive privacy policy and for being evasive about customer complaints.

Privacy International is a human rights group dedicated to fighting abuses of privacy and surveillance by governments and corporations. Its work is mostly in the high-tech side of these issues.

Even though Google got thrashed, nobody really comes off clean in this report.

Shame on everybody.


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