Saturday, April 21, 2007

Free Browser Security Tools

Finjan Software this week announced the release of its free SecureBrowsing plug in for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The tool is meant to help web surfers avoid dangerous web sites.

Finjan specializes in web security and offers a line of products, including hardware appliances for blocking malicious web traffic. Their web site has white papers, case studies and other tools and information about web security.

The Finjan story was reported this week in Computer World.

Two related web sites of interest are SiteAdvisor from McAfee and LinkScanner from Exploit Prevention Labs. Unlike the Finjan tool, these are web sites where you enter the URL of a web site, the suspected site is scanned and a report is returned.

Also, this is an interesting article out of Stanford about protecting browser state from web privacy attacks. The article introduces two tools: SafeCache and SafeHistory. Both tools are for Firefox only. Sorry, IE users.


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