Friday, March 02, 2007

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors 2nd Edition

I just picked up the second edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors by Jayne Hitchcock at a local Borders. Yeah, I know, it's been out almost a year, but the first edition didn't catch my attention, so I ignored this one until recently. The foreward is by Vint Cerf, a pioneer of the early Internet.

The book is a totally non-technical treatment of computer crimes against individuals, their children, their homes, their identities and their businesses. It's an easy read while still being encyclopedic. There's also a great list of web sites in the back.

And, of course, the book skillfully covers other common topics like phishing, spam and malware.

Along the theme of being non-technical, it still explains in simple and straightforward language how to set up privacy features on things like Yahoo! Mail. This isn't technical to begin with, but it can still intimidate those who aren't techies.


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