Friday, November 04, 2011

Digital Pickpockets on TV

I appeared on a TV program last night about so-called "digital pickpockets," who skim and clone credit cards. The program also had a demonstration of how card numbers can be sniffed from RFID cards right from people as they walk down the street.

Besides punching a hole in your credit card to remove the RFID chip, as the reporter dramatically showed at the end of the program, the best ways to protect your credit card are still the old-fashioned way -- frequently checking your credit card statements, keeping your card within eye sight and being careful where you use your card.


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Anonymous IT Security Consultants said...

Interesting post. What channel was the programme aired on? I've know a few people who have suffered from credit card scams, the bank's recommendation of preventing this are the exact pointers you have mentioned. The most important of these being to check your bank details often so you can make action before its too late.

2:52 AM  

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