Monday, January 04, 2010

Adobe on Hacker Radar in 2010

This should come as no surprise, but a recent report by McAfee, predicting threats for this year, says Adobe will be popular with hackers. In fact, according to the report, Adobe and Flash will beat out Microsoft software, finally, for the hacker attack vector of choice.

That's good news for Microsoft, which has been, until now, the favorite whipping boy for hackers.

Interestingly enough, the report also cites the tried-and-true oldest trick in the book, malicious e-mail attachments, as still another favorite attack vector. E-mail is also popular because it's a great way to burrow into corporate networks, past their finely tuned firewalls and DMZs. All an employee has to do at some company is click on the attachment and, well, the game is over.

And could one of those attachments be a malicious Adobe document? No way.


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