Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twitter Victim of Possible Phishing Attack

In a high profile recent hack of Twitter, the account of well-known Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki was breached. Kawasaki's tweets were sending out a link to a porn video, something the tech guru isn't known for.

It's not clear exactly how the account was breached but there are suspicions of a phishing site that tricks users to log into a fake Twitter account that steal their authentication credentials. The porn site linked to Kawasaki downloaded Trojans onto the desktops of unsuspecting users and targets both Windows and Mac systems.

Twitter seems to be in the sights of hackers recently, since a good well-placed hack of a user with a large number of followers -- like Kawasaki's 140,000 -- can spread web nasties very, very quickly.

Other recent attacks have been against the Twitter account of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints and Cligs, a URL-shortening service competing with the famous TinyURL.


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