Monday, May 04, 2009

A Penny for Your Corporate Secrets?

These are two unrelated stories about easily giving up secrets. The first is about how 37% of Londoners would reveal their company's secret information at the right price. Of that number, 63% would give up information if paid at least a million British pounds, and 10% would do it if their mortgage was paid off.

“It’s quite staggering that a third of people are open to bribery," Tamar Beck of Infosecurity Europe told the CBR Security web site.

In Nigeria, a television report noted that the market for used BlackBerries is based not on the model but on the value of data it might hold, as reported in The Register.

None of this should be shocking. Other reports had people exchanging secrets for chocolate and candy, and still others picking up loose USB sticks in parking lots. The USB sticks contained malware that stole data.


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