Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama Likely to Appoint Powerful Cyberczar

The president is expected to be days away from announcing the creation of a powerful cyberczar for overseeing the security of both government and private computer networks. The move by President Barack Obama comes as part of the release of a 40-page report on the status of federal cybersecurity he commissioned 60 days ago.

The new cyber chief is expected to be part of the National Security Council but will also report to the national security adviser and the White House senior economic adviser. Officials are mum as negotitations and political jockeying are still in process as we speak.

The focus on cybersecurity by Obama should definitely be applauded. But the report's conclusions, much of which won't be available to the public, and the turf battles between government agencies overseeing cybersecurity, have yet to be resolved.

The federal cybersecurity saga continues.


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