Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ITU Releases Global Cyberlaw Kit

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recently released what it calls a "Cybersecurity Toolkit" with a list of best practices for drafting cybersecurity legislation.

The idea behind the toolkit, as reported in The H, is two-fold: first to help globally harmonize cybersecurity legislation and, second, to assist countries new to the cyberlegislation game in putting their own laws in place.

What's really interesting in the toolkit is a matrix of existing cybersecurity legislation by country, so that initiatives can be cross-referenced. All of the countries listed are key players in cybersecurity -- the US, the EU, Germany, Japan, Singapore, India and China, among others -- and have established laws on the books.

While attempting harmonization of anything globally, especially security, is dicey, at best, this is still a handy reference for different approaches and philosophies on cybersecurity by country and region of the world.


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