Sunday, April 19, 2009

Federal Cybersecurity Report Almost Due

The 60-day cybersecurity review commissioned by President Barack Obama is due to be completed this week. But expectations are low about what the report will recommend, and when it'll be released to the public.

Some observers say the report might just be a lame checklist of cybersecurity initiatives already completed by the government. Obama had appointed Melissa Hathaway, a cybersecurity big shot from the Bush administration, back in February to conduct the study.

Report or not, the controversy surrounding federal oversight of cybersecurity has been swirling around for months, even before Obama set foot in the White House. Various government agencies -- DHS, NSA, and the DOD -- have been in a turf battle over the issue.

Security luminary Bruce Schneier recently noted that the NSA, a front runner over the DHS, shouldn't be in charge of cybersecurity because of its narrow scope. An advisory role, yes, but not the leader.

Meanwhile, the government has been looking for hackers to secure its networks. For those interested, the job is number 155433 at General Dynamics Information Technology.


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