Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tips for Safe Browsing With Internet Explorer

Here are ten tips from CSO Online for safer surfing with Internet Explorer. IE takes it on the chin a lot, often deservedly so, for not being as secure as Firefox. But, either browser can be a magnet for attackers if not configured correctly.

1) Disable XPS documents
2) Disable font download
3) Disable inclusion of local file directory path when uploading files to a server
4) Disable prompting if you are prone to just clicking "yes"
5) Always prompt for username and password
6) Disable SSL 2.0 support
7) Enable TLS support
8) Disable searching from the URL bar
9) Disable unnecessary add-ons
10) Uninstall old Java installations

These tips will help block -- but not entirely prevent -- malware and accidently exposing your authentication credentials to unwanted outsiders. You'll also not there are "no obvious downsides" to most of these suggestions.


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