Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Implementing Single Sign-On on a Small Scale

This is an interesting case study from TechTarget's SearchCIO-Midmarket site of how a small community hospital in southern Indiana implemented single sign-on (SSO) on its network. The 247-bed Good Samaritan Hospital turned to a hardware solution from Imprivata, which specializes in SSO for SMBs.

While many SSO solutions require an enterprise to set up its own dedicated hardware and servers, and then configure them, Imprivata works almost right out of the box. This is fine for larger companies and organizations which can spare the equipment and staff. But for SMBs, this may not be realistics.

Imprivata is basically a standalone SSO server, or two for redundancy, which can hold authentication credentials for registered applications and can be remotely managed with a web-based interface.


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