Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Social Engineers Are Leaving a Bar . . .

. . . and one says to the other. These are eight of the most classic pick up lines ever spoken by a social engineer to get in the door. They're brought to you courtesy of CSO:

  • "I'm traveling in London and I've lost my wallet. Can you wire some money?"
  • "Someone has a secret crush on you! Download this application to find who it is!"
  • "Did you see this video of you? Check out this link!"
  • "This is Chris from tech services. I've been notified of an infection on your computer."
  • "Hi, I'm from the rep from Cisco and I'm here to see Nancy."
  • "Can you hold the door for me? I don't have my key/access card on me."
  • "You have not paid for the item you recently won on eBay. Please click here to pay."
  • "You've been let go. Click here to register for severance pay. "
They're not clever, and they're not brilliant. But they are typical.


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