Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten Tips and More for Safe Social Networking

Here are ten tips for safe social networking from the ThreatChaos blog. This is a real nice comprehensive list of best practices for safely navigating LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The post was inspired by the recent Twitter hack.

Here are some more tips from Bill Brenner of CSO. His tips are less technical and more common sense about safe browsing when going down the "real neighborhoods" of social networking sites.

The top ten from ThreatChaos are the following:

1) Email verifications
2) Captachas for sign up
3) Lock out the user after X failed login attempts
4) Password strength
5) Create an abuse hotline
6) Rate limits
7) Firewalls and IPS
8) DNS
9) Worm defense
10) Communicate in case of disaster

These are some more suggestions from Microsoft about protecting privacy in online communities and in online directories.


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