Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clever Anti-Phishing Education Tool and More

With all the news reports -- in both the mainstream and trade media -- about the dangers of phishing, it would seem people would have caught on by now. They should know better than to reply, let alone open, e-mails from unknown senders, especially with weird or dubious names.

Not so, according to a research report on the weakness of security awareness by Cisco, as reported by M.E. Kabay in his Security Strategies Alert column in Network World. But, all is not lost, according to Kabay, who mentions a training system called PhishGuru, which simulates phishing attacks but educates rather than hooks users.

Along the same somber note, Websense in its report, The State of Internet Security, for the second half of 2008 paints a bleak picture of legitimate sites being compromised, according to SC Magazine. This isn't news but the sites studied included common every day sites and not just bizarre ones hosted in China or Russia.


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