Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Latest IAM Ask The Expert Answers

Here's a fresh batch of my identity and access management Ask The Expert answers from TechTarget's SearchSecurity web site:

Is it possible to write a batch file that allows user access to the local admin group for a short time?
This question posed on 27 August 2008

IAM best practices for employees with varying degrees of access to the same computer
This question posed on 22 August 2008

What are some good pre-boot biometric user authentication tools or strategies?
This question posed on 11 August 2008

If the encryption on the Mifare Classic RFID has been cracked, are smart cards insecure?
This question posed on 11 August 2008

How does the Group Policy Object interact with the 'Password Never Expires' flag?
This question posed on 07 August 2008

What are best practices for remote management of medical imaging devices?
This question posed on 23 July 2008


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