Friday, August 15, 2008

Cyberprelude to Russian-Georgian War

This is a fascinating article from The New York Times about the cyberwar before the war in Georgia. Security researchers had noticed hacking activity on Georgian web sites and infrastructure around July 20 prior to the start of the physical war.

It's interesting to note the story didn't compare the hacking activity to something similar against Estonia last year. Estonia is only listed as an example of an "Internet-dependent" country -- like the US -- vulnerable to cyberattack.

But Computer Week reported that Estonia, along with Poland, were providing cyberassistance to the beleaguered Georgian web infrastructure. Two Estonian computer experts have flown to Georgia and Poland has lent space on its president's web site.

Computer Week also reported on who might be responsible for the attacks, which are emanating, not surprisingly from Russia, but surprisingly not from the infamous Russian Business Network.


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