Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your Guide to the Latest on the DNS Flaw

There's already been a lot of ink on the infamous DNS flaw uncovered recently by researcher Dan Kaminsky. So, rather than rehash what everybody else has written, I've assembled links to some of the more interesting items I've seen in both the mainstream and trade media on the subject.

Think of this as a guide, or chronology, if you will, to the latest developments in the DNS crisis:

July 22
This is a story from eWeek about the exploit being accidently released. Here's a recommendation from Chris Pirillo the same day with a video from Dan himself:

July 23
CSO Online had this news item warning that hackers are gearing up to develop attack code based on the exploit, and Bill Brenner agreed, saying this isn't the usual FUD from the security community, but something of real concern. Greg Hughes chimed in on Lockergnome.

July 24
Heise Security reports that attack code for two exploits has already been released, and Computer World mentions that the exploits were developed by HD Moore.

July 25
The BBC reports that attacks have already begun.

In between, DNS-OARC reports about the issue on its site and has a graphical tool to check for it.


Blogger Security4all said...

The BBC article doesn't mention any real attacks reported. Only the availability of attack/exploit tools. It's a little misleading.

So far I've been following the issue, no widespread attacks have been reported (yet).

Sample logfiles and how to detect it can be found over at my blog. Basically, monitor your DNS logs for request of TONS of random (sub)domains.

9:25 AM  

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