Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trends in Identity and Access Management

This must be my lucky day at TechTarget. My second article of the day came out, this one on trends in identity and access management.

It's part of a new newsletter they're launching about IAM.


Blogger tuomoks said...

Hi, not a bad article. It is just the current attitude which gets me always - I used to design AAA and SSO in 70's and 80's - an insurance company running every and anything only through authentication and authorization, a bank with four different platforms supporting SSO, a government facility about the same way, etc. All this was forgotten in late 80's and 90's - just coming back now, so whats new? It is NOT difficult nor expensive IF designed up front! It is very difficult and very expensive if it is an afterthought! As everything in security or capacity, or ITIL or rules and regulations, etc, IF they are part of the plans the execution is mostly routine. Technology changes, so what, it has changed hundreds of years and who has been prepared to change prospers today. It is almost as the Y2K - my previous employers and customers, where I had any saying in systems design, didn't have even to check anything - they already knew that their systems would work, and will keep working.

What I try to say, anyone playing with time, authentication, authorization, etc has to think NOT in terms of platforms or products BUT what they are trying to do. IAM - great acronym(?) but what's different from AAA?

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