Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Web Hacking Roundup

There's been some scary attacks reported lately in the trade press. But when you take a closer look, they're all pretty much variations on the same old themes. They're not new attacks, just bolder versions of existing attacks.

A Trojan targeting 400 banks does a classic Man-In-The Middle (MITM) attack. Symantec had details about the Silentbanker Trojan on its web site with instructions on its removal, according to Computer World.

A mass attack of legitimate web sites that drops malware on users' PCs was uncovered by ScanSafe, but remained unexplained, like a SQL injection attack against, which was missed by ScanSafe, at the same time. Another SQL injection attack was launched against other sites last week.

Kits for hacking neophytes that launch sophisticated attacks are getting more common, SearchSecurity reported this week. No experience necessary. Take a hack kit and just add water -- or a server.

Then there was the hacked MySpace page and the Firefox authentication box exploit.


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