Thursday, April 19, 2007

My WIIT Radio Show Tonight on Wireless Security

Tonight I'll be back on WIIT to discuss wireless security. The program will be at 7:45 PM and can be heard live by streaming media from their web site.

I'm going to be talking about both traditional methods of securing wireless networks and some contrarian views, if time permits.

Here's your homework in preparation for tonight's class. There's been a lot of articles lately about wireless security in the trade press. This is a sampling:

The infamous article on cracking WEP keys by a pair of German researchers.

An interesting post today on Martin MC Brown's blog on Computer World about wi-fi piggybacking. He references two items from the BBC -- one on wireless hijacking and the other on wi-fi theft.

Here are some interesting guides from George Ou on ZDNet and his LAN Architect site.


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