Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doing Background Checks on Yourself?

This was an interesting article in the Career Journal section of The Wall Street Journal about doing background checks on yourself. This is another twist in the privacy area of information security.

The idea is to find out what dirt may be on you -- hopefully, mistaken -- in anticipation of an interview. Some of the results in the article are interesting, even funny.

There's links to several online background checking services, most of which aren't free, but all of which spider the web for public documents. The two free services mentioned are ChoiceTrust and StolenIDSearch.

I posted something about StolenIDSearch back in February.


Blogger Kara said...

This seems like a pretty big waste of time to me, but to each his own. if you're looking to have a background check done on yourself, to make sure you're not in any kind of trouble then it's a bit scary.

11:15 AM  

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