Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter 2600 Now on Newstands

The Winter 2006-07 issue of 2600 just came out this week. It's about two weeks early, but who's complaining?

It's also a little thicker, I noticed, with a glued binding instead of the old stapled binding they've had for centuries. They also increased the price -- no big deal either -- and apologized profusely in a long explanation in the introduction. In my mind, the price increase is small, especially for information you can't get anywhere else.

Here's a sampling of the goodies in this issue:

  • Wi-Fi hunting
  • Bypassing DoD's SmartFilter
  • Red boxing
  • Getting around cable/DSL lockdowns
  • Novell exploits
  • Circumventing Chinese Internet censorship
  • Hacking a North Korean web site

Another winning issue with great stuff. Hats off to 2600 again!


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